Wednesday, February 26, 2014

7 Good Reason That Business enterprise Web pages Are Still Vital
7 Good Reason That Business enterprise Web pages Are Still Vital
With all the build up all around Facebook, blogs and Twitter, I often get asked whether a firm still needs a website. Having a good website for your business is even more important now that technologies like Twitter and Facebook make it easier for more customers to help you find. Here are my reasons why having a website for your business is still vitally important:

1. Being Found - The #1 go to place when someone is looking for your business is a web site. People search through search engines like bing or Bing, not via Facebook for fan pages.

Much of Facebook is still a walled garden that is covered to search engines.

They’re not there to hear about your latest campaigns (which doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t necessarily have a Facebook fan page, but it certainly shouldn’t be your main online presence).

4. Control - You need a place over the internet that you own, where you control the information and the data. Facebook may change their webpage or service terms at any time (they’ve already done that numerous times).

5. Opportunity - An online site enables a much more robust experience for prospects than most other platforms. Which means that you will be more efficient at giving visitors the information that they’re looking for, as well as the probability to create web programs for additional value to your visitors.

6. Branding - Web pages also help you more control over your branding. Though sites like Facebook permit some personalization, it’s still inside Face book’s shell. Organizations are in a position to control all aspects of a design having a website.

7. Measurement - Metrics and measurements to recognize how well your digital practices are working tend to be easier to get via a website. Facebook and Twitter do provide some metrics (as well as some provided by third-parties), but the metrics are not as business oriented, making it more difficult to measure specific tactics and promotions.

In addition, I believe that it is very important for a company to have a website (or sometimes a blog can work too) that's operating well in relation to giving prospective buyers with the information they want, being easy to use, and having the right call to action to lead people down the sale channel.

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