Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Campers must be at least 11 years old to participate in our camp series.

This three-day program offers participants the opportunity to learn and practice individual- and team-based tactics for close quarter airsoft games.

This 12-day program provides a realistic military training experience. The class is hosted by instructors from Marauders Tactical Training who are military veterans. The course will offer a variety of discipline-building challenges, tactical training and airsoft adventures based on real-world missions.

This program is available to participants who have completed the Airsoft Special Operations Training Experience. This 3-day program builds upon the skills developed in the basic program and offers specialized training for airsoft players who want to become team leads, assaulters and airsoft bomb technicians.


TOURNAMENT: January 8, 2014 to March 28, 2014
WHEN: Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays
TIME: 6 PM to 8 PM
ENTRY: $10 per entry

1. You do not need to play every tournament day and can choose how often you enter the competition.

2. You can use any airsoft pistol regardless of FPS.

3. You must use house bbs to compete.

4. Tournament entry does not gain you entry into the general session admission and vice versa (general session admission does not get you entry into the tournament).

WEEKLY WINNING: Weekly winners will be chosen based on all the scores collected from Wednesday, Thursday and Friday combined. The competitor with the best overall score will be the winner! Weekly winners will be given a "Golden Ticket" vesting them entry to the biannual competition.

FINALE WINNING: All the weekly winners will be given a "Golden Ticket" invitation to participate in the finale contest. The three shooters with the best times at the finale contest will win the prizes below. Only those players that show up for the finale contest will be eligible for the prizes.

Weekly Prizes:
1st Place: $25 gift card.
2nd Place: Free admission pass.

BiAnnual Prizes:
1st Place: $500 cash
2nd Place: $100 gift card
3rd Place: $25 gift card

**Please take note: Rules
and schedules of competition may change.

Z-Wars: The Outbreak

This event has a Parent/Player Advisory, and it is highly recommended that players be at least 13 to attend. This occasion will have very realistic costumery for the monsters and may be frightening to some gamers. Players will need to interact with the monsters and may be touched or grabbed by them. It is not recommended for players with heart or panic disorders to attend this affair. There will be no refunds for those players that leave in the middle of the event.

Event Storyline:

It has been 6 months since the Rayne Corporation first released the virus on my hometown of Orion City. I used to be part of the police department's Strategic and Tactical Armed Team or S.T.A.T. I remember the first day of the outbreak; the town began to get sick and it hit everyone like a plague. First they sweat with high fever, then death came on quickly. Everyone thought it was a late-blooming flu until people started dying quickly . . . and violently. Per federal protocol, we called the CDC -- mistake # 1. Mistake # 2: returning to the hospital to await the CDC agents and visit my daughter.

She was one of the first to get sick, but she was a real fighter. I decided to sit down and relax to the repetitive beeping of her various monitors. As the beeps on her heart monitor slowed, I took her clammy hand in mine, trying to feel for the spark of life she once had. I was reaching for the nurse call button when I heard gunfire break out down the hallway. I ran from her room with my gun drawn and found my team shooting at patients, that despite multiple gun shot wounds were somehow still approaching my team. Blood spattered the walls and floors in thick red, and yet these people kept coming with wild fervor in their eyes. They seemed to have one mission-- bite and attack the S.T.A.T. unit.

I swiveled quickly around as I saw a nurse running toward my daughter's room. Seeing that she wasn't overcome with the crazed need to bite, I hollered for her to get in the hospital room and lock herself in with my daughter. The members of my team that were still standing began to fall back as our fallen brothers were overtaken by the rampaging people. We gathered everything we could and blocked the doors in the hallway so nothing could get through.

As we finished, I heard a blood-curdling scream coming from my daughter's room. I rushed toward her room, leaving my team behind and threw my adrenaline-loaded body full force through the door. As I regained balance, I looked to her bed, then down to the floor only to find out my daughter was covered in blood. She turned and looked up at me with the nurse's internals dangling from her gaping mouth with more crumpled in her hands. She stood up and began to walk towards me with her arms out as if to hug me; all with an innocent smile on her face. Fatherly instinct took over and I was overcome with the desire to hold and comfort her. As I knelt down to pull her into my arms, she snarled and lunged at my neck. I shoved her back into the wall and heard a shot ring out behind me as a hole appeared where my daughter's once happy, shining face was.

Horrified, I spun my head around to see a dark figure holding a smoking rifle. He reached his hand out and pulled me to my feet. Before I could thank him and ask about my team he began to drag me out of the room, hollering, "We need to go. NOW!"

Synopsis of Game play:

You will be placed on the survivor STAT Unit or the Rayne Corporation. Each group will have different objectives that must be completed throughout the night. This is the beginning of the Z-Wars story and will be continued at future lock-ins.

Will you have what it takes to escape the city?

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